JESS FRANCO MONTH: Las orgias inconfesables de Emmanuelle (1982)

Emmanuelle, reunited with her husband and making love in a wax museum surrounded by images of Hollywood like John Wayne and Superman and you might think, “Wow, Jess Franco making an Emmanuelle movie*, I wonder what that’s like?” And then you realize that outside of this scene, the one that follows and the end didn’t really have Jess caring all that much. There’s no Lina, no jewel thieves, no mist that forces women to comply, not even good music to carry this through.

Muriel Montossé (who was also Cecilia) is Emanuelle, Antonio Mayans is her husband and Carmen Carrión from Night Has a Thousand Desires and Alone Against Terror is on hand. Our heroine finds herself trying to get back with her husband after he leaves her, yet again, when he sees her engaging in sapphic acts onstage. She floats through the world trying to win him over but only ends up assaulted along the way.

I would assume the name was just put on this by whoever chose to play this in their theaters. Even as much as Franco obsesses me, I can come clean and say he wasn’t always making a great movie every time.

*I just realize that Franco also made Tender and Perverse Emanuelle which is less Emanuelle and more giallo.

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