JESS FRANCO MONTH: Cecilia (1983)

Cecilia (Muriel Montossé, Isla the warden from Love Camp and Emmanuelle in Emmanuelle Exposed) is the wife of a rich diplomat named Andre (Antonio Mayans) and she’s bored by all of it. So filled with ennui that she often stages games when she gets nude in front of the servants and trying to seduce him, which backfires when their limo driver quits and his brothers all gang up to assault her.

This being an exploitation movie, that sexual violence is all that she needed to reawaken herself, both to wanting carnal pleasure and her husband. And, as these things happen in movies that follow the journey of Emanuelle, she soon embraces her free love nature and begins to explore being open to the ways of amour. But it always seems that in exploitation that too much of a good thing must be morally punished, right?

Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada (Sexual Aberrations of a Married Woman) was acquired by Eurociné, who had Olivier Mathot direct new flashback scenes, and released the movie as Ceceilia, which is the easier to find version of this film.

There’s nude horseback riding, a cave-set multiperson love scene and, in case you forgot Jess Franco directed this, Lina Romay playing a nightclub dancer who does an act in which she sucks her son’s thumb in a way that leaves nothing to your imagination. Some people would say that this is problematic; I’d say it’s a Jess Franco movie. When the Nationalist government of General Francisco Franco fell, years of making movies that only flirted with kink suddenly gave way to a tidal way of needing to show everything, to expose it, to confess it and then to cover it up with droning synth and shots of the scenery that seemingly always last way too long.

I’d say never change, but Jess Franco never did.

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