JESS FRANCO MONTH: Convoi de filles (1978)

German officer Erich von Strasse (Jean-Marie Lemaire) was wounded in battle but has come back to Berlin to be awarded the Iron Cross before heading to the Russian Front. A woman that he loved before he became a hero, Ronata (Brigitte Parmentier), has been forced to work in a brothel and her father sent to a concentration camp after they’ve been discovered hiding a Jewish woman. Now confronted by the evil of the Third Reich first-hand, Erich decides to save her.

Also known as East of Berlin and Convoy of Girls, this was supposedly directed by a mix of Pierre Chevalier and Jess Franco, but I must tell you, the fact that this has scenes in a house of ill repute and there’s no zoom shots into female anatomy, thirty-eight-minute lesbian love scenes or people being whipped or electrified says to me that either Jess did some pick up shots or had nothing to do with this.

Franco had to be saying, “Look, Monica Swinn and Pamela Stanford are right there, can they just kiss tongue or something?”

Eurocine movies really had no concern for who directed their movies or where footage comes from, as this one features cribbed scenes from Heroes Without GloryHitler’s Last TrainCaptive Women 4 and Nathalie: Escape from Hell. Nearly all of those movies — and this one — were also inserted into another Franco World War II movie, Night of the Eagles.

One thought on “JESS FRANCO MONTH: Convoi de filles (1978)

  1. This has been going on for decades. I remember being aghast as a twelve-year old when Star Wars didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar. In hindsight, there must clearly have been many better films made in 1977, but the point is valid- no film of that year had the impact then or over the years since, that Star Wars had. So why not give it Best Picture?

    I think a lot of this is art vs. commerce bullshit. The actors and producers and Hollywood big-wigs like to think they are making art as if their work has special meaning but its really just a business and half of them would sell their own mothers for a buck. Or maybe replace the ‘b’ with another letter and that’s as true: that’s as much as I think about many of those pretty millionaires in their ivory towers trying to prove they are special and important.


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