Cosmic Dawn (2022)

After witnessing an alien abduction as a child and dealing with the trauma of it for her entire life, Aurora (Camille Rowe, The Deep House) has read a book about The Cosmic Dawn before she’s drawn into the orbit of the cult’s leader Elyse (Antonia Zegers).

Wondering just how real this could be? Director and writer Jefferson Moneo claims to have had an alien experience as a child and that this could all be real.

As she becomes entrenced into the cult, her consciouness expands, she learns more about why and how her mother was abducted and begins to worry about the more bizarre way that the cult has begun to act. Then, the film fast-forwards to years after the cult has been broken up, yet Elyse reappears and claims that she can access another dimension and is also planning a mass suicide of all still-believing cult members.

With a score by Alan Howarth, music by MGMT and a perfect scene with the songs “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” — originally by Klaatu and then also released by The Carpenters — as well as a purple/pink neon color palette that feels straight out of Color Out of Space, this is an odd duck of a film and I say that in the best possible tone. I’ve often wondered just why someone would join a cult like this and seeing the reasons why Aurora comes to the initial meetings to the initial joy she feels in belonging to something makes it all seem so much more normal than you’d ever think. And then the movie gets delightfully strange.

Cosmic Dawn is playing select theaters and on demand now from Cranked Up. You can learn more on the official site.

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