JESS FRANCO MONTH: Sola ante el terror (1983)

Melissa (Lina Romay) is a paralyzed woman who is being taken care of by her two sisters, who all lost their father (Antonio Mayans) at a young age. However, only Melissa can still speak to the father, who guides her to kill those who killed him.

A remix remake of The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff with no nudity or sleaze — what!?! — that has one interesting thing: Mayan’s daughter Flavia is young Melissa with dark hair, crosscut with Lina in blonde wig as the grown-up version.

But seriously, at this stage in his career Franco was just redoing his older movies with less enthusiasm and budget. I wonder why? What had he missed the multiple times he’d already made these movies that he thought he could improve? Or was he just happy in the repetition, making movies he already knew worked and not wanting to break any new ground?

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