JESS FRANCO MONTH: Los ojos siniestros del doctor Orloff (1973)

Melissa (Montserrat Prous) is paralyzed and has also been dealing with nightmares of a man (Franco) who may be her father. Is she going insane? Or does she just need a new doctor’s help? Well, seeing as how this movie is called The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, I’d say that Dr. Orloff (William Berger) is the villain of this piece.

I mean, seeing as how he quickly tells Melissa that her entire family is bonkers and that he was in love with her mother — also named Melissa — and had a daughter — also also named Melissa — and that he knows that original Melissa’s dad was killed by a perfect crime, which seems like strange bedside manner.

And yet at night, Melissa can walk. And kill. And continue losing her sanity.

Franco made this movie so many times that I get confused, but you know, I kind of enjoy being dumbfounded by his movies, like how this revenge plot by Orloff is so needlessly complicated and that he goes all movie serial villain and has two long speeches where he explains what he’s going to do. And you know, that’s the mark of a bad guy who cares.

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