Ghost Story: Episode 5 “The Summer House”

Martha and Andrew Alcott (Carolyn Jones, forever Morticia Adams, and Steve Forrest, Greg from Mommie Dearest) spend their summer in a vacation home that Martha hates, but there are plenty of reasons for that, mostly that there’s an evil force in the basement that wants to destroy them.

This episode of Circle of Fear/Ghost Story was directed by Leo Penn, whose acting and directing career started in 1945 and continued all the way to 1995. Despite him making 27 episodes of Matlock, 6 Hart to Hart shows and The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, he’s probably better known for being the father of Chris, Michael and Sean Penn.

This episode comes from a story by British writer A. M. Burrage and was adapted by Seeleg Lester (a story consultant on The Outer Limits and the writer of the episode “The Inheritors”) and Richard Matheson.

Over and over, Martha has a dream where she finds out that her husband is cheating, so she pushes him down a well, only to wake up and nothing has happened. Again, again and again. Is this a memory, a premonition or just a dream?

Sadly, this is one of the episodes of the show that just kind of drags. But don’t give up, because there are some decent ones coming soon.

However, it looks gorgeous, and that’s probably because Bill Butler was the director of photography. Perhaps you’ve seen his work in JawsDamien: Omen II and Demon Seed.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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