Red Lips (1995)

Donald Farmer has been making movies since 1973 and through movies like Scream DreamDemon Queen and Cannibal Hookers, as well as his three hour interview with Jess Franco and Lina Romay The Bizarre World of Jess Franco, he’s really made quite an impression.

Ghetty Chasun (GoroticaDamselvis, Daughter of ElvisVicious Kisses) is Caroline, a woman just trying to survive who sells her blood and meets The Doctor (Mandy Leigh) who starts to experiment with her for reasons unknown, transforming her into a vampire ravenous for human blood, including that of George Stover.

Then she meets Lisa (Michelle Bauer) — who has just broken up with a bathing Kitten Natividad — and they travel the darkest side of New York City, whether that means coming into the orbit of a sinister pimp or making out amongst a punk rock show.

Yet through all the gore and exploitation, this is a film that finds a real relationship between its leads who are both incredible in this. Imagine finding the love of your life at the same time that your life becomes living for destroying other human beings.

It’s like Franco shot on the cheapest of cameras in cities that may not be New York City but as its edited, you’ll never notice. Chasun and Bauer are incandescent, doomed souls who struggle to hold onto one another despite all of the horror and violence that this world has to send their way.

Is it weird that a lesbian shot on video vampire movie features a central relationship that in no way feels like exploitation?

You can get this on blu ray from Saturn’s Core, a partner label of Vinegar Syndrome.

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