Ozone (1994)

Born in Akron, Ohio, J.R. Bookwalter has so many shot on video films to his credit such as The Dead Next Door, Robot Ninja and Zombie Cop and brought many more to audiences through his Tempe Entertainment releases.

He directed and co-wrote this with David A. Wagner and it’s the story of Eddie Boone (James Black), a cop who gets injected with the titular drug Ozone and starts to lose his mind and he’s either going to melt or turn into a zombie or kill everyone before that can happen.

Some movies would say that a body melting and a head exploding would be enough, especially one made on this budget. But no, Ozone goes one further by throwing you a mutant baby that can talk near instantly and has transulcent skin. Then, it says, “What if we also gave you a drug lord who was a gigantic fat man with a pig head? Would you like some of that?”

Yes, I would like some of that.

There’s also cage fighting, people wth syringe arms and women addicted to the slime that seeps out of the bubbles on Ozone users’ skin. There are some people who think this is too long, that it’s too slick for SOV and too scummy for a regular movie.

All of these people are morons.

You can watch this on Tubi or buy it from Makeflix.

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