Demon Queen (1987)

Donald Farmer has forty credits as a director and they have titles like Cannibal HookersRed LipsShark Exorcist and Chainsaw Cheerleaders. This is an early SOV title from him that has a video store clerk that tries to get people to rent horror movies and a female demon — well, a vampire, but let’s make the title work — who moves on in with a drug dealing couple.

It’s also 46 minutes or so with 6 minutes of credit and sound that you can barely hear. So, you know, pretty great. It also has drone synth compositions of one long note, massive amounts of video effects that probably felt dated by 1987 and tons of actually pretty decent gore.

If this had better quality and was shot on film, I probably wouldn’t care as much. There’s just something about the beyond faded quality of Shot On Video that gives these movies a heart that they may not have had otherwise.

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