Scream Dream (1991)

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read another article about this movie here.

How did I get this far into SOV movies without more Donald Farmer?

The band Rikk-O-Shay is trying to get big in the heavy metal business and you know what would help? If their lead singer Michelle Shock (Carol Carr) wasn’t biting off their male groupies’ cocks and draining them of their blood. She tries the same thing to Derrick (Nikki Riggins),  who is one of the band’s two backup singers and let’s just stop there and say that no other hard rock or metal band seemed to ever have dedicated singers outside of Motley Crue and their Nasty Habits backup singers and dancers (the fact that I knew they were named Donna McDaniel and Emi Canyn maybe says something about how much I read Hit Parader as a teenager). This already seems unrealistic.

Well, Michelle invites Derrick over for some demonic fellatio and he ends up nearly dying too, so they replace her with a new singer named Jamie Summers and she’s neither the Six Million Dollar Woman or the Brat. She’s played by Melissa Moore, Glaze from Vice Academy Part 2 and Angelfist. She’s soon overcome by the same demonic possession thanks to Michelle.

The fact that a full demon-suited monster is coming after a band because they screwed with their demonic leader, well, this is the kind of movie that seems like a Jack Chick pamphlet come to life. As I watch years after I was a Rip! obsessed lover of metal, well, I found it all so very charming. So much blood, so many puppet demons, Tennessee instead of the Sunset Strip, video in the place of film. This is at the center of so many of my loves — devil movies, SOV, heavy metal, gore — all within one great compilation. Rock on.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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