Tubi picks 27

A little late, but here are some movies to watch on Tubi:

1. Zombie Death House: TUBI LINK

Zombies. The mob. And directed by John Saxon. Ah, Tubi you give so much.

2. Play Dead: TUBI LINK

Yvonne Decarlo plays Hester, a wealthy heiress who was jilted years ago when her boyfriend married her sister. Now, she’s out to not only get them, but their children too. And she has a 200-pound Rottweiler ready to make it happen.

3. Dressed to Kill: TUBI LINK

American giallo. Dressed to Kill is DePalma at the top of his power.

4. Tammy and the T-Rex: TUBI LINK

Don’t spoil this if you haven’t seen it. Go in cold and get ready to lose your brain.

5. Boardinghouse: TUBI LINK

The first horror film in history to be shot on video, Boardinghouse is…well…there really isn’t anything else like Boardinghouse. Somehow, this movie seems at once ten minutes and ten hours long, taking you on a journey into — man, I have no idea how we got here ot where we’ve been, but we really went somewhere.

6. Beyond the Seventh Door: TUBI LINK

What if Indiana Jones was in a movie made by David Lynch with little to no budget, shot like a TV movie and with a virtual unknown in the lead instead of Harrison Ford. Now, ingest as many drugs as you can find in your home. There — you have a small idea of what this movie is like.

7. Shanty Tramp: TUBI LINK

A small-town Southern white prostitute has to decide between her lust for a black man and a sleazy revival-tent preacher.

8. Freddy Got Fingered: TUBI LINK

How many movies are you going to see where the lead cuts open roadkill to get inside it as if it were a tauntaun or delivers a baby by twirling it over his head?

9. Howl from Beyond the Fog: TUBI LINK

Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s “The Fog Horn,” which was also made as The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, this movie features a creature called Nebula, which was designed by Keizo Murase, who has sculpted everything from VaranMothraMatangoGameraYongary and numerous appearances of Godzilla. He’s still working, getting ready to direct a movie called Brush of the God about a magical brush that can save reality. It’s the first movie he’s ever directed and he’s had the idea ever since he worked on The MIghty Peking Man.

10. RoboCop 3: TUBI LINK

RoboCop 3 presents an astounding and completely science fiction conceit: a robot police officer built by a corporation decides to stop serving the interests of law, order and the establishment and throws in with a bunch of homeless multicultural people. Read this line and get it: RoboCop gets shot by a bunch of white supremacist cops, realizes ACAB, gets a jetpack and fights robot ninjas. Obviously, this movie is amazing.

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