Play Dead (1981)

Made in 1981, this movie didn’t come out until 1986, when Troma would pick it up for distribution. Don’t worry — this odd little film has none of their horrific in a bad way hackwork infesting it.

Yvonne Decarlo plays Hester, a wealthy heiress who was jilted years ago when her boyfriend married her sister. Now, she’s out to not only get them, but their children too. And she has a 200 pound Rottweiler ready to make it happen.

Just imagine — Yvonne Decarlo electrocuting, stranging, crushing skulls and poisoning people when she’s not letting a dog bite and main everyone in its path. There’s also a scene where the detective on her trail gets drain cleaner dumped into his seltzer water. What a way to go!

Somehow, this came from the same director as 1984’s sex comedy Ellie, Peter Wittman. It has Stephanie Dunnam (Silent Rage) in it, in case you were all into that Chuck Norris vs. a slasher film and wanted to see more of her work. It’s also known as Satan’s Dog, which is not a better title.

Spoiler: I didn’t like how Hester gets rid of her dog. I mean, I’m totally into a movie that has dogs repeatedly killing humans, but leave the dog alone!

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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