KAIJU DAY MARATHON: Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)

Yongary is the South Korean cousin of Godzilla, made by some of the people who created some of Godzilla’s fiercest competition, like Masao Yagi, who built the Gamera suit.

Unlike Godzilla, Yongary — his name is a combination of two Korean words, “Yong” (dragon) and “gari” (Bulgasari) — was once a single-celled organism that grew large after a nuclear test in the Middle East. Now, he eats oil and gasoline — well, he picked the right area to be mutated — and is going full on kaiju in Korea.

At the end, he dances despite human beings trying to kill him. However, they use ammonia to kill him and it’s a total Son of Kong moment. When this played as part of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, even the Deep 13 guys were upset by the finale of this movie.

Released in Germany as Godzilla’s Todespranke (Godzilla’s Hand of Death) and beamed directly into the brains of American monster kids by American International Television in 1969, this horned Godzilla Xerox does have some charms.

Enough that Shim Hyung-rae, the director of D-War (released in the U.S. as Dragon Wars: D-War), made a reimagining of the film called Yonggary (which was entitled Reptilian when it made to to VHS in America).

You can watch this on Daily Motion.

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