SLASHER MONTH: Skinned Deep (2004)

The Surgeon General (Kurt Carley) is really the coolest looking slasher I’ve seen in so long. Also: this movie is absolutely deranged, but what else should I expect from Gabriel Bartalos, who also made Saint Bernard which is somehow even stranger than this. I also love any movie that has Warwick Davis play a character named Plates that throws plates at people and just screams.

The whole Rockwell family gets killed by the strange family of old people and mutants, which also includes Brain, a kid with a gigantic brain. Well, Tina lives, but they wall her into a room covered with newspapers and try to turn her into a killer. They succeed but then things go down an even deeper rabbit hole, if that’s possible. I mean, a headless god beneath the gigantic trailer park? An entire town of killers? A gang of bikers called the Ancient Ones?

This movie made me happy to no end, a film that destroys bodies and looks gorgeous all the way. This is so filled with production design gone insane in the very best of ways.

This is the movie Rob Zombie has been trying to make.

You can get this from Severin or watch it on Tubi.

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