CANNON MONTH 2: Prey for the Hunter (1990)

Director John H. Parr also directed The Pin-Up GirlNightslave and Pursuit while writer Paul S. Rowlston did much of his career in TV. In this movie, four big game hunters end up getting bored with animals, so they start paintball hunting journalist Simon Rush (Todd Jensen) but come on, there’s no way that that’s going to be good enough either.

If four rich dudes offer you some money to be hunted while they carry paintball guns, I’m telling you right now to say no. Rush ends up beating them pretty easily and that’s when the richest guy, Bob Jenkins (Andre Jacobs) tells everyone that they’re switching to real guns. The others in the group, Alex (David Butler), Eric (Alan Granville) and Jason (Evan J. Klisser) have to just agree because they’re all rich white guys and that’s how they do murder business.

Or course, Rush is too busy romancing the girl who got him into all of this, Yvonne Pearl (Michelle Bestbier), all while the other members of the elite start getting killed off and he gets blamed for it. Oh man, The Most Dangerous Game, you know? Have you played it?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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