CANNON MONTH 2: Bad Jim (1990)

B.D. Sweetman (James Brolin), July (Richard Roundtree) and John T. Coleman (John Clark Gable, yes, the son of Clark, born four months after his death) buy Billy the Kid’s horse and decide to become outlaws themselves. The men only need ten grand to get their dream of opening a farm, but after their first job, they end up killing two members of the posse after them.

While Ty Hardin appears as a wagon master, Rory Calhoun as a ranch hand and Harry Carey Jr. is here as well — their last westerns — this movie is an absolute mess, from wanted posters that look like they were made with modern desktop publishing software and pencil drawings to a long montage scene set to the song “Renegade” by Jeff Scott Soto — the lead singer on Yngwie Malmsteen’s first two albums as well as a member of Journey from 2006 to 2007 and also a member of holiday metal band Trans-Siberian Orchestra — that is a mix of outtakes, still action photos and posed model shots of the cast.

I wonder if Gable asked Brolin about the time the future Mr. Streisand played his father in Gable and Lombard.

This was directed and written by Clyde Ware, who also wrote All the Kind Strangers and 12 episodes of Gunsmoke.

Anyways, it ends badly, as most westerns do, with the three stuck in a gunfight trap in a small town. And there you have it, a movie possibly made to cash in on Young Guns and Silverado but getting there a few years too late.

But man, that montage!

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