Tales from the Darkside episode 14: “Snip, Snip”

Directed by Terence Calahan — his only IMDB directorial credit — and written by Tom Allen (story consultant for this entire series and Monsters, which was dedicated to his memory) and Howard Smit, this episode is all about hairdresser Anne MacColl (Carol Kane!) fighting teacher Abe North (Bud Cort!) for a winning lottery ticket for the Jack-Pot-Arama.

Abe had used magic to use ticket 666.666.to win, even calling the dean of his school and offending him to the point that he can’t ever get his job back. The problem? Well, the real winning ticket was number 666.667, owned by Anne. He tries to bully her with his magical powers without realizing that her bird isn’t named Lou, it’s truly Lucifer and that she has powers beyond what he can understand.

Oh well — another comedy episode of Tales from the Darkside. At least Kane and Cort are great at what they do. I prefer when the show is more in the horror genre, but what can you do? It’s only twenty minutes and isn’t poorly made.


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