What’s On Shudder: September 2022

Halloween starts early on Shudder with their 61 Days of Halloween. 11 original and exclusive movies, three new series and a Joe Bob Briggs special in October will make your holiday so much scarier.

101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All TimeIn this eight-episode new series from the producers of Eli Roth’s History of Horror, master filmmakers and genre experts celebrate and dissect the most terrifying moments of the greatest horror films ever made, exploring how these scenes were created and why they burned themselves into the brains of audiences around the world.

Queer for Fear: A History of Queer Horror: From executive producer Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), Queer for Fear is a four-part documentary series about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the horror and thriller genres. From its literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde to the pansy craze of the 1920s that influenced Universal Monsters and Hitchcock; to the “lavender scare” alien invasion films of the mid-20th century to the AIDS-obsessed bloodletting of 80s vampire films; through genre-bending horrors from a new generation of queer creators; Queer for Fear re-examines genre stories through a queer lens, seeing them not as violent, murderous narratives, but as tales of survival that resonate thematically with queer audiences everywhere.

Who Invited Them: Premiering on September 1, this film is all about Adam and Margo’s housewarming party, which goes well enough except for Tom and Sasha, lingering after the other guests have left. The couple reveals themselves to be their wealthy and successful neighbors, but as one nightcap leads to another, Adam and Margo start to suspect their new friends are duplicitous strangers with a dark secret.

SaloumPremiering September 8, this movie has the Bangui Hyenas – Chaka, Rafa and Midnight – trying to stash their stolen gold bounty, lay low long enough to repair and refuel their plane and escape back to Dakar as well as something supernatural hiding in the shadows.

Flux GourmetThis movie goes up on September 15 and is all about an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance. And you know, because it’s on Shudder, something bad definitely happens.

Speak No EvilTwo Dutch families bond on vacation, but when it comes time to try and repeat that fun, things get rough quick. Oh you Dutch families.

Raven’s Hollow: Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn by a gruesome discovery into a forgotten community.

SissyBad memories from high school, social media influencers, bachelorette parties…this sounds like the scariest movie of the year.

Here’s what movies will be up this month:

September 1: 31The Devil’s RejectsThe Lords of SalemLady In White

September 5: The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue

September 6: Perfect BlueMindgameBirdboy: The Forgotten ChildrenNocturna Side A: The Great Old Man’s NightLifechanger

September 12: Extraordinary Tales 

September 19: Cemetery of Terror and Grave Robbers

September 28: Sole Survivor and Trick or Treats

Don’t have Shudder? Maybe September’s line-up will convince you. Plans start at under $5 a month and you can get the first week free when you visit Shudder.

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