SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Who Invited Them (2022)

Adam and Margo (Ryan Hansen and Melissa Tang) have just moved into a new place and have made it through the real estate stress, the moving and even the housewarming party. But then they look around and discover that one couple, Tom (Perry Mattfeld) and Sasha (Timothy Granaderos), haven’t gone home. They say they’re wealthy, they seem fun, but after a few drinks, it seems like they might also be incredibly dangerous.

Directed and written by Duncan Birmingham, who started his career writing for the Weekly World News and has also helped create, write and produce Marc Maron’s TV show, this is literally about the guests that would not leave dealing with the couple that would not talk to each other about important things, like the fact that they got this new house so cheaply because a murder happened there.

Meanwhile, Margo’s friend Teeny (Tipper Newton) is babysitting their son Dylan for the night. He can’t sleep without his stuffed animal, so she’s on her way to the house. And she has a gun in the trunk.

The girls and boys bond, meanwhile, but why do Tom and Sasha keep steering every conversation to sex? Or murder? It gets uncomfortable and everyone feels trapped within the house as the tension tightens more and more and then even more. Something bad is going to happen. And you won’t be able to stop watching.

Who Invited Them is now streaming on Shudder.

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