SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Speak No Evil (2022)

Danish city family — Bjorn (Morten Burian), Louise (Sidsel Siem Koch) and Agnes (Liva Forsberg) — meet a Dutch family from the country — Patrick (Fedja van Huêt), Karin (Karina Smulders) and Abel (Marius Damslev) — and they decide to get together after getting along so well on vacation in Tuscany.

Of course, this is a horrible idea.

Turns out the Danes and the Dutch don’t get along all that well. And when it comes to getting back to real life after a holiday, vacation friends rarely work out.

Bjorn and Louise are really turned off by how loud and overly romantic behavior from Patrick and Abel. Before you know it, everyone is talking badly about one another in their native languages. But is this a horror movie? We’re going to get to some blood and scares, right? I mean, having someone else discipline your child is starnge but is it scary?

Be patient.

The insults increase slowly: Patrick begs vegetarian Louise to eat roast boar. Karin makes a bed for Agnes on the floor of her son’s room and doesn’t ask if that’s acceptable. Then Patrick gets Bjorn to pay the bill for a meal that’s beyond unaffordable. Then he just casually goes to the bathroom while Louise is taking a shower. One or two of these things is something. All of them building up feels like a trap.

Directed by Christian Tafdrup, who co-write the script with his sibling Mads, this may take a long time to get to the terror, yet when it does, it’s brutal in its sheer intensity. You’ll get what you want out of this, but you just need to be as patient as possible.

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