Tales from the Dark Side episode 3: “Pain Killer”

Harvey Turman (Lou Jacobi, a Canadian comedian who released “Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass,” a comedic take on Herb Albert as a Yiddish bandleader and yes, that’s a real thing) has non-stop back pain that Dr. Roebuck (Farley Granger) believes is all caused by Harvey’s wife Nadine (Peggy Cass) and that if he kills her, he’ll heal up.

The truth is a bit more complicated — or a twist ending — but writer Haskell Barkin must have had a rough marriage himself. His career is interesting, though, writing tons of Hanna Barbera cartoons like Jabberjaw, Yogi’s Space RaceThe Jetsons and episodes of The Love Boat. He also contributed to the 80s version of The Twilight Zone and Monsters, the follow-up to Tales from the Dark Side.

Director Armand Mastroianni has a great horror background, making The Supernaturals, He Knows You’re AloneThe ClairvoyantCameron’s Closet and episodes of Friday the 13th: The Series and three other episodes of this series.

This is more of a throwaway comedy episode, but at least it has a moment where the couple watches Night of the Living Dead on TV, which was a public domain film that cost nothing to add to the show. More importantly, it was created by the show’s producer, George Romero.

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