Rencor tatuado (2018)

Tattoo of Revenge is about Aida (Diana Lein), a woman who survived a home invasion that took the lives of her husband, her housekeeper and her unborn child. Faking her death as a suicide, she leaves behind her photography career and begins to seduce and drug evil men, tattooing them as they sleep in narcotic dreamland, leaving them forever marked.

In other words, La Chica con el Tatuaje del Dragón.

Director Julián Hernández has created a black humored — and black and white — take on the revenge film. Lein is great — all muscle and rage and barely concealed hatred for every man she even looks at — and I love the muted look of the film, even if it seems to go on about an hour longer than it needs to.

There’s a whole plot about the rich and powerful making home dirty movies, but we’re really here for wronged women hiring Aida to scar their abusers forever. There’s a good movie inside here, you just need to whittle it down to find it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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