El monstruo de los volcanes (1963)

Volcan Popocatepetl (Smoking Mountain in Aztec) is just miles away from Mexico City and has been erupting for the entire last week (as I write this it’s June of 2022) giving off up to 36 steam and gas emissions a day.

Why would you try to build an elevated train across a volcanic mountain? Is it any wonder that there have been numerous incidents that have led to lost lives as the corporate bosses demand more progress? The workers believe that these murders are being caused by the treasure guardian of the ancient Aztec leader Montezuma. A gigantic man, covered in white fur, with a face like that of an owl and enough strength that it can tear men apart.

Directed by Jaime Salvador and written by Federico Curiel (Arañas InfernalesLas Momias de Guanajuato) and Alfredo Ruanova (El Pueblo Fantasma), this movie marks the first time I’ve seen a fluffy white sasquatch on film. It’s also the initial time — and this is more shocking — that the bigfoot has the power to obscure men’s minds.

The entire creative team would return to the very same story in a few months by making the sequel, El terrible gigante de las nieves.

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