SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Revealer (2022)

By all rights, Angie (Caito Aase) and Sally (Shaina Schrooten) should never be friends. Angie dances as Precious at the peep show booth of The Revealers Bookstore, Sally is a religious zealot that yell at her nearly every day and their lives couldn’t be more different. But maybe they aren’t. Maybe they have more in common than they think. It only takes the end of all there is for them to realize that.

Using one location — which was demanded by the COVID-19 outbreak — to its best advantage, the film separates the two leads via the peep show booth as they work together to try and escape the store, then attempt to see what’s left of the world. I mean, the horns of the angels have been blasting non-stop, so one imagines that Chicago is an inferno by this point.

Directed by Luke Boyce (The Pooka and the upcoming adaption of the comic book Revival) and written by Michael Moreci and Tim Seeley (who created the aforementioned Revival with artist Mike Norton, colorist Mark Englert and cover artist Jenny Frison as well as Hack/Slash, which is about horror movie survivor Cassie Hack and her mission to destroy slashers; it’s even better than it sounds and is required reading), Revealer is a dark movie with a light heart, awash in neon color, dirt and blood. It’s not a big movie but that’s because it stays small in the face of the biggest thing that ever will be. And it’s a blast.

Revealer is streaming exclusively on Shudder.

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