Arañas Infernales (1968)

Translate this title as Hellish Spiders and you know what Blue Demon is up against and man, is there any better genre in the world than Mexican lucha libre movies? Get this. Blue Demon is up against the entire planet of Arácnea which is trying to cultivate human brains as food for their demanding queen. How magical!

This movie has an astounding wrestling match where Blue Demon’s opponent Arac suddenly has his hand turn into a spider hand that can bite and instantly kill people. Also, after a match, all sweaty, Blue Demon casually explains antimatter to a scientist and I lost what was left of my mind.

This movie needed a UFO scene so of all the movies they could steal a flying saucer from, Federico Curiel lifted the hubcap from Plan 9 from Outer Space. You know what they say: “El talento toma prestado, el genio roba.”

You can watch this on YouTube.

One thought on “Arañas Infernales (1968)

  1. I agree. This movie doth rock. I’ve been in Mexican Lucha delirium for a week now, and this is one of my big new favorites. And not only does it “roba” Plan Nine, it also uses several of the ingenious laser-to-skeleton effect shots from Teenagers from Outer Space. If you’re going to steal, steal from from the best! At least they use their own giant spider puppet, rather than just stealing from Mesa of Lost Women or Cat Women of the Moon, though I’d probably love this movie even more if they did.


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