Santo contra la Magia Negra (1973)

Santo goes on vacation and shoots a movie, then forgets that he needs a wrestling scene and Alfredo B. Crevenna tells him they can fix it in editing, so he just splices in the scenes from La Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiros and says, “No te preocupes, Santo bebé. Van a comenzar en Sasha Montenegro y todo ese metraje del diario de viaje de todos modos.”

Santo is battling voodoo because Live and Let Die came out the same year. That means slow-moving zombies, dudes putting snakes on his chest while he’s sleeping, voodoo ceremonies in which a goat says, “Is that Ruggero Deodato?” before he’s violently killed for real and scientist fathers brought back from the dead.

Bellamira the evil voodoo queen is not beneath using old school tricks like stabbing a Santo doll with pins. I mean, it’s an old fashioned attack but if it works, it works.

The end of this movie is astounding, as Santo goes all Wood Beast in Arboria and challenges the black magic woman to a contest of putting their hands into a basket filled with snakes and seeing who gets bit. Santo must have some experience with Charismatic snake churches because he just walks away like nothing happened while our antagonist dies an agonizing death.

With all the dance numbers, you would not be wrong to believe that Santo wrote this movie off as his 1973 vacation. I don’t see you fighting Dracula, Satan and blobs, so please give the man in the silver mask his PTO.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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