Santo contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida (1970)

To enjoy a Santo movie, you must just say, “Well, yes, alright” to all manner of statements. For example, you must realize that Santo is the equal of Batman, a scientific genius who is also a millionaire playboy who the cops rely on to solve all manner of cases but he also wrestles and unlike Bruce Wayne, he never shows up without his mask. Also, his greatest enemies are ersatz Universal Monsters that avoid lawsuits with the way they appear, aliens, demons, witches and, finally, a Nazi scientist who lives in Atlantis and is ready to nuke the world to prepare for the Cuatro Reich.

You know what makes my like for this movie transform into mad obsessive love? The fact that it outright steals footage from Invasion of Astro Monster, Atragon and Ebirah Horror of the Deep.

For some reason, Blue Demon always gets hypnotized and sent after Santo. I much prefer the movies where Leyenda de Azul gets to be his own man or even leads a team of luchadors.

That said, I love any movie where bad guys get speared with javelins, then wither away and die. Oh Aquiles and Juno, Hope Sandoval may have written about you when she sang, “It was you, breathless and tall. I could feel my eyes turning into dust. And two strangers turning into dust. Turning into dust.”

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