El Pueblo Fantasma (1965)

You know, for two genres that have so many movies, westerns and horror don’t cross over nearly as much as they should.

Director Alfredo B. Crevenna (Aventura Al Centro de la Tierra , El Planeta de Las Mujeres Invasoras) and writer Alfredo Ruanova (Blud Demon: Destructor de Espias, the Neutron movies) team up to tell the story of the two centuries old Rio Kid, who has taken up residence in a western town to draw out other gunfighters, murder them in cold blood — or duels, really — and then drink their, well, blood to gain their gunfighting skills. It’s a pretty great scam he has going and the townspeople all love him because he’s saved a few of the women from some of the rougher men out there.

Meanwhile, a guy named Texan, who is el hijo of a pretty well-known bandito, joins up with an old man named Nestor who was in jail because of the villainous Rio Kid, and the Rivero brothers all head to San Jose to see if they can take out the bad guy.

With a title that translates as Ghost Town, you know what you’re getting into. The townspeople have a song that drives Nestor to violence, the vampire has the longest fangs you’ve ever seen and it seems like Gunsmoke meets a Universal monster, which really is the episode of that venerable TV series that I always longed to see.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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