A Town Full of Ghosts (2022)

Mark (Andrew C. Fisher) has always dreamed of buying Blackwood Falls, an old west ghosttown and fixing it up to make it a tourist destination. It’s definitely a fixer upper with no running water or electricity, but that’s no problem, right? Well, his investor (Mike Dell) leaves town in a hurry and his wife Jenna (Mandy Lee Rubio) feels about Blackwood Falls like Lisa Douglas does Green Acres.

I’d say all is well and good, but when a videographer becomes to shoot a promotional video, his girlfriend Lisa (Lauren Lox) goes from demanding that they leave to disappearing without a single trace.

Director and writer Isaac Rodriguez also made Last Radio Call which made good use of found footage. He based this movie on a story he saw online about an influencer who sold everything and moved to a ghost town. I actually enjoyed his former film way more than this one. It takes a long time for anything to happen and while the last fifteen minutes are filled with scares — Jenna tries to escape the town and becomes lost in a wooden maze while being pursued like they’re at the Overlook — it’s work to get there.

A Town Full of Ghosts is now available on digital platforms.

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