Last Radio Call (2021)

Directed and written by Isaac Rodriguez, Last Radio Call is a found footage movie all about the night that officer David Serling went missing inside an abandoned hospital. When she recovers his body cam footage, his wife tries to put together what happened to him on the night of June 30th

While David’s partner has amnesia, he’s never come back home and after a year is listed as deceased, with the ceremonial Last Radio Call sent out to him by dispatch. Rodriguez had made a previous short called Cop Cam that forms that footage we see if what happened that evening.

I’ve let it be known more than a few times how little I like found footage movies, but this has some decent camera work and build to its scares. It’s an intriguing concept and while I think it would have been better as a narrative film, if you’re a fan of movies like this, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy here.

Last Radio Call will be available across digital and VOD platforms on January 21 and will be available a week later on the Terror Films AVOD Channel on YouTube. You can learn more on their website.

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