The collected The Cannon Film Guide author Austin Trunick interviews

I had a great time talking with Austin Trunick, writer of The Cannon Film Guide Volume I and The Cannon Film Guide Volume II and hopefully you’ve been reading it all week.

Here are the links to all five parts:

  • Part 1: How did Austin first encounter Cannon and why did he write these books?
  • Part 2: Ninjas and where it all went wrong
  • Part 3: Tobe Hooper and Cannon
  • Part 4: Cannon urban legends and getting more of their movies on blu ray
  • Part 5: Least favorites and what movies Cannon didn’t make

You can — and should — get both books from Bear Manor Media. You can also find Austin on Twitter for daily blasts of Cannon facts.

Austin recently guested on The Cannon Canon and it’s great, an interview packed with even more Cannon trivia than we got to in our conversation!

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