Un omicidio perfetto a termine di legge (1971)

A Perfect Murder Under the Law is also known as Cross Current here in America. It’s directed by Tonino Ricci, who you may know from RushPanic or Encounters In the Deep. Story writer Aldo Crudo also was behind War of the Robots and the ensuing script was written by José María Forqué and Arpad DeRiso (Death Steps In the Dark).

Marco (Phillipe Leroy, The PossessedThe Laughing Woman) is a rich man injured in a speedboat accident so rough that he needs brain surgery, which wipes his memory clean and makes him depend on his wife Monica (Elge Andersen, who retired from acting to explore the Andrea Doria wreck with her rich husband Peter R. Gimbel, who was the first diver to explore that doomed ship; together they made two documentaries The Mystery of the Andrea Doria and Andrea Doria: The Final Chapter; their ashes are now interred in the ship’s wreckage), business partner Tommy (Franco Ressel) and a girl named Terry (Rosanna Yanni, Count Dracula’s Great LoveFrankenstein’s Bloody Terror).

You know what happens next. Marco falls for Terry, Monica gets shot, Terry talks him into dumping her body but then he becomes convinced that he’s also killed his partner, the gardener and the gardener’s mother. Now they can be alone, right? Well, that’s when Monica shows up, back from the dead, which makes Terry drive his car right off a cliff.

We should have been clued in that something bad is about to happen because Marco’s business manager is played by Ivan Rassimov. He’s been behind the whole scheme, working with Monica to make the money while sleeping with Terry. This revelation upsets Monica, who kills them both.

See? A perfectly serviceable giallo. But wait…

Who is the black gloved person now following Monica?

Ah, it’s always nice to be surprised.

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