AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Encounters in the Deep (1979)

After an engaged couple mysteriously disappears in the Bermuda Triangle, her father organizes an expedition to get to the truth. And the truth? Extraterrestrials are carrying out studies on the human race!

The best part of this movie is the opening, where a monologue starts us off, quoting from several books over UFO footage. This has nothing to do with the rest of the film, which makes it even more awesome.

People get possessed by the Bermuda Triangle, ghost ships show up and the ending is a lot like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, if you also added in a giant Moai from Easter Island. Yes, it’s the second best part of the film. And oh look — Mike is played by Gianni Garko, who you’d probably know better for playing the character Sartana and being in Devil Fish.

Director Tonino Ricci also directed A Man Called Rage and Cave of the Sharks. Hopefully, those movies are much better than this one, which is very talky and every time it aspires to be something interesting, it runs as hard as it can away from it. But the beginning and the ending? Worth watching.

If you want to see it for yourself, Cult Action has the DVD and you can also watch it on Amazon Prime.

3 thoughts on “AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Encounters in the Deep (1979)

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  3. don’t forget, Garko is also the bastard Roman (?) soldier who kills baby Hercules’ parents so he can claim the “throne of Thebes” – and then is never seen again in Cozzi’s best-of-all-versions.


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