Death Steps in the Dark (1977)

Maurizio Pradeaux only directed one other giallo, Death Carries a Cane. The translation for this is off, as Passi di Morte Perduti nel Buio really should be Death Steps Lost in the Dark. It has a bigger name American actor, Robert Webber (The Silencers) in it.

Leonard Mann, who was in The Humanoid and Night School before retiring to work in prison reform, plays Luciano, a reporter whose train trip to Greece is interrupted when a woman is killed with his letter opener. Working with his Swedish girlfriend (Vera KruskaAssignment Skybolt), he must solve the murders and clear his name. There’s also another couple who find the murderer’s glove and try to blackmail him or her.

Oh yes — our hero also has to hide out in drag.

This isn’t my favorite giallo, due to too much comedy and not enough fashion or pure craziness. That said, you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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