Assignment Skybolt (1968)

Welcome to the Greek James Bond. Written and directed by Gregg Tallas, who was also the man behind Espionage in Tangiers and the Cataclysm part of Night Train to Terror.

Agent Dan Holland is in Greece looking for the hydrogen bomb stolen from a NATO base in Turkey. It turns out that they want to start a Third World War. And Dan’s brother Jack may be behind it all.

I really liked The Mermaid, the club in the movie. There’s even a dancer covered in balloons that need to be popped by the patrons. Well, get used to the bar. That’s where the majority of the film takes place.

This is one of the oldest films I’ve seen with an implied oral sex scene, much less priests being distracted by breasts and a sexually suggestive whipping scene. Ah, those wild Greeks…

This is a lot darker than most spy films of this era. But maybe you’ll enjoy that.

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