APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 22: Rush (1983)

Tonino Ricci never met a genre he didn’t like or try to make a movie in, so when Tito Carpi — who wrote some of the best Italian post-nuke movies ever like Warriors of the Wasteland and Escape from the Bronx — brought a script that combined Max Rockatansky with John Rambo it was a perfect match.

Rush is the kind of lone survivor that these movies need. He’s played by Ricci’s frequent lead, Bruno Minniti, and when he finds out that Yor (Gordon Mitchell!) is hoarding all the plants and water, he decides to go into one-man war like he’s a disaffected Vietnam vet and Yor’s Untouchables are the Hope, Washington police.

This is the kind of end of the world movie where Gordon Mitchell has the most obvious stuntman ever and the soundtrack isn’t afraid to play a sax solo over the non-stop death and destruction. Speaking of Yor — the real Yor — Rush is nearly as bad of a hero as that prehistoric dude, because he gets nearly everyone but himself killed.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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