APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 22: Demain les mômes (1976)

Yvette and Philippe (Niels Arestrup) somehow escaped the end of the world, which was mainly caused by really loud noises, and have tried to start over again. Then she gets murdered and he tries to find humans anywhere, only to discover a group of small children. He believes that he can teach them everything they know how to survive as well as how to bring back civilization. They have ideas of their own.

Tomorrow’s Children was directed by Jean Pourtalé and you know, I don’t think I’ve seen a French post-nuke movie. You can spot a young Emmanuelle Béart in the cast, too.

If you’ve seen Late August at The Hotel Ozone, you may see a fair bit of that movie in this one. For some reason, before Mad Max, movies about the end of humanity were depressing affairs. I mean, in those movies, kids do madcap things like throw weapons that cut off the heads of bad guys and not kills wives and eat dogs.

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