Late August at the Hotel Ozone (1967)

The difference between pre-Max Rockatansky armageddon movies and post is that the end of times is a thing to be celebrated in the 80’s. It was seen as the next step in evolution and place we’d all have to emerge from, wearing facepaint and shoulder pads. Not so in the 50’s and 60’s, where sure nuclear war was inevitable, but so was the bleak death of the human race. No one would survive to roam the wastelands and build it all over again in these films.

In this film, a group of young women roam the fallout forests, led by an older woman in military fatigues who has to keep control, especially because these women seem to be obsessed with torturing animals. Seriously, they are the wet dream of 70’s Italian filmmakers and the nightmare of any rational person watching this movie. They then find an old hotel where only one old man lives.

Yes, a depressing Czech end of the world movie with no subtitles and people killing one another over polka records. Do I know how to pick movies to watch during a global pandemic or what?

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