CANNON MONTH: Young Love: Lemon Popsicle 7 (1987)

I mean, at this point I feel like I may have written one of these movies I’ve seen so many of them. Even the description — Hughie, Bobbi and Benny are looking forward to a summer of hot girls when Johnny’s parents leave him alone in the house — could be any of the other Lemon Popsicle movies.

At this point, none of the original creative team worked on this, with Anton Moho writing the script and Walter Bannert — yes, the same man who directed the rough as hell youth fascism movie The Inheritors — directing.

Sibylle Rauch, who has shown up in these movies since Hot Bubblegum, is back as one of the many objects of lust. She’s also in Alpha City and plenty of adult films after this. As for Young Love, well, Huey’s has a 1972 Mercury Montego that he wrecks and that’s the central issue in this movie and why the boys work in a hotel, but this is supposed to be about high school students from the late 50s. So is everyone in this in their late 20s?

At least the soundtrack is bigger this time, with Gene Vincent, Dean Martin, Del Shannon, the Ronettes, Chubby Checker, Bill Haley and the Comets, Paul Anka and more. But seriously, I still have Summertime Blues to get through as well as Lemon Popsicle: The Party Goes On, which came out after Cannon, but I’m nothing if not a masochist.

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