TABLOID WEEK: The Inheritors (1983)

In 1979, Austrian film director Walter Bannert was simply enjoying a meal at a Vienna cafe when he was beaten by a gang of neo-Nazis. That’s when he determined that he would research these groups by convincing their leaders that he was making an objective documentary. He ended up spending three years with these groups in West Germany and Austria.

The Inheritors is what emerged, a film based on real people, events and conversations that Bannert actually experienced. Obviously, the film was controversial, with theatres screening it threatened by neo-Nazi sympathizers. Sadly, while it’s over thirty years old, the rebirth of right-wing extremism means that it may even be more relevant today.

On his way home from school, Thomas helps Charly escape from the police. They couldn’t be more different, as Thomas comes from a rich home, where his self-made father and music-loving brother are both dominated by his mother. Charly is poor and doesn’t have much of a future.

Soon, the two are dreaming of a revitalized fatherland based on happy families, free from corporate control and dedicated to the environment, one that will be free from the influence of the West. They discover that they find a better family and friends within the party, as the rest of the world throws them away as they become more and more dedicated to the Nazi cause.

This is not an easy watch. But it’s certainly one that will make you think.

You can get this movie directly from Mondo Macabro.

Note: Mondo Macabro sent us this movie for review, but that doesn’t influence our review.

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