Doom Room (2019)

Scream queen Debbie Rochon stars in Jon Keeyes’ (The Harrowing) latest* film, which is all about a woman (Johanna Stanton) who wakes up locked in a small room with no memory of how she got there. She can’t escape and is taunted by paranormal entities who are keeping her from learning how she got there and who she really is.

The beings that the nameless woman encounters have names like Husband, Wife and Innocence. Some of them are kind to her and others are anything but. So what are they? Figments of her insane imagination or actual demons?

The entire movie feels like a stage play that’s been captured for film. It’s way artier than you’d think and I really had the feel of British horror and BDSM infused in every frame. It’s talky at times, but I took that as a way of dealing with the small budget and have seen plenty of grindhouse-style movies of old that felt the same way.

There’s plenty of slut-shaming and male on female coarse dialogue here though, so if these things disturb you, this probably isn’t the movie for you. I’m sure that six years ago, that felt pretty cutting edge when it was filmed, but today it feels rather forced and shock for shock’s sake.

That said — it has a great look and feel, as well as a unique story unlike many recent direct to streaming films I’ve seen. I stayed with it until the end and wasn’t ever bored, which is certainly a good thing.

*While this film was originally created in 2013 as Nightmare Box, this is the first actual release of the film, however.

Doom Room is available January 15 on demand.

NOTE: We were sent this movie by its PR team but that has no impact on our review.

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