The Car: Road to Revenge (2019)

In a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk city of the future that’s been destroyed by crime and corruption, a District Attorney finds the information he needs to finally arrest a gang of cyborg criminals. Too bad he’s killed before he can do anything about it. But then again, his car has come back, looking for revenge. And that’s how the kinda, sorta sequel to The Car begins. If you were expecting another Anton LaVey quote to kick this off, you picked the wrong movie.

Where the original film hinted that the titular vehicle may or may not be powered by Satan — seriously, this was a never-ending debate in the HBO fueled 1980’s in our immediate family — this movie has a very simple motivation. Well, two of them. Revenge and misguided love, as the DA pretty much has been stalking his ex. And it turns out she likes it, no matter how much her friend tries to explain how crazy their relationship was.

Soon, though, the police, both good and corrupt, as well as an army of cyborg ruffians, including a cowboy, several punks and some guy who wandered in from A Clockwork Orange are after her. And yep, The Car is both there to protect and pretty much continue stalking her. It gets blown up real good, but a mechanic (played by Ronny Cox, who was in the original) uses old parts to make it look a lot more like the 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III that it should be.

This felt way closer to Upgrade that to The Car. That said, I’m still wondering how any movie that has cybernetic gangs and killer women can leave so little of an impression.

The Car: Road to Revenge was directed by G.J. Echternkamp, who also directed last year’s Death Race 2050. As long as genre titles have some life, it seems like we’re going to see direct to Redbox and streaming sequels. This has the smallest of connection to the film that inspired it, so if you’re hoping for more marching bands being chased through cemeteries, sadly you’ve come to the wrong place.

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