CANNON MONTH: Ha-Shiga’on Hagadol (1986)

Million Dollar Madness was a vehicle for Israeli comedian Seffy Rivlin that was co-written by Menahem Golan.

Rivlin plays bank manager Ephraim Rubin who gets institutionalized because of pressure at work and at home. Yet once there, he finds that the mental hospital is much nicer than his real life. He has a friend in inmate Ezekiel Harel (Arik Lavie) and falls in love with nurse Noga (Anat Waxman). However, there’s also a money counterfeiting operation being conducted out of the mental home, but who’s going to believe a crazy person?

It’s a slapstick film where everyone is always at a ten and then tries to go beyond that. That said, I guess it’s nice that Golan never forgot where he came from.

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