CANNON MONTH: Dutch Treat (1987)

While I didn’t enjoy the other movie David Landsberg and Lorin Dreyfuss did for Cannon — Detective School Dropouts — I have to say that I totally adored this movie, probably because the Dolly Dots make such infectious music. Made up of Angela Groothuizen, Angéla Kramers, Anita Heilker, Esther Oosterbeek, Patty Zomer and Ria Brieffies, they’re a real band from the Netherlands that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. They even had their own TV show, Barbie Girls.

Jerry Morgan (Landsberg) has just got out of jail for 250 parking tickets that were actually the fault of his friend Norm (Dreyfuss), who told him to plead guilty as nothing bad could happen. A few months later, Norm picks Jerry up outside jail and tells him that he’s rented out his apartment and that his girlfriend has left him.

For some reason, Norm’s big plan to make money is to go to Holland and perform as a knife throwing team. This just ends up with both in jail and with them meeting the Dolly Dots, which is a great reason to see them play in concert. Norm tells them that Jerry is Capitol Records boss Lou Winters and to look them up whenever they get to Los Angeles. Then they’re kicked out of the country.

When they get back home, Jerry works in a hotel kitchen and Norm drives a cab. The Dolly Dots really do come to LA and want Lou Winters to manage them. They stay at the same hotel where Jerry works and our protagonists have to keep up the illusion that they’re both employees of the hotel and also very important music execs until the band Dead Meat ruins their scam. The Dolly Dots end up defeating the metal band in concert, the real Lou Winters signs them and it all ends rather happily.

Imagine if no one knew who the Spice Girls were when they made Spice World and you’ll have an idea what this movie is. Directed by Boaz Davidson, this movie moves fast and has the same goofy humor as Detective School Dropouts, but the synth fun of the Dolly Dots makes it feel so much better.

In an alternate universe, this movie is much bigger than it is in ours.

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