CANNON MONTH: Hot Bubblegum (1981)

You know, I keep finding more of these Lemon Popsicle sequels and every time they come on, I just try and close my eyes and ride them out, like nausea that you get from a rollercoaster. I’m kidding — they aren’t that bad — but if it weren’t for my mission to watch every single Cannon movie ever, there’s no way that I would have watched one — much less every single installment — of these movies.

Another Boaz Davidson film, this one has German co-producers and starts with the kind of quality humor that you depend on from this series, as a child pisses in a grown man’s face to start off the funny.

Benzi (Yftach Katzur) is dating nice girl Sally (Ariella Rabinovich), but then he wants Nikki (Orna Dagan), who ends up being more than he can handle so he goes back with his more chaste love interest. And somehow, Benny has become more of a jerk in these movies, so much so that his friend Bobby has to explain to him that Sally is the kind of girl you should be with. 

This raises the issue that the guys in these movies can sleep around with prostitutes, all have sex with the same married woman in the same night and be continually ready to bed anyone they even get the slightest interest from, yet when Nikki wants to own her sexuality, she’s instantly a fallen harlot who must be avoided.

For some reason, every time Frieda appears — she’s played by Sibylle Rauch, who was also in plenty of adult movies in the years after this — dudes completely lose their minds. It’s like they’ve never seen a 5′ 10″ platinum sex bomb up close before or something.

I realize that I have to watch so many more of these movies and hopefully, together we can find something worthwhile in them.

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