JESS FRANCO MONTH: Vampire Blues (1999)

Rachel (Rachel Sheppard, Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula and nearly every Franco camcorder release from this era) is an American on holiday in Spain who loves horror movies enough to buy a t-shirt with the image of a female vampire, which is all Countess Irina von Murnau (Analía Ivars, also pretty much a Franco stock player) takes over her dreams, much like, well name the Franco female vampire movie of your choice. Can the warnings of Marga the Gipsy (Lina Romay) keep her safe?

Is there a bottom to this very deep barrel of Franco? Does the song repeated over and over and over wear on you? Do the video effects feel like ones done on public access shows? Or do you feel charmed with Franco himself shows up as a merchant?

I mean, who knew a threeway with an enchanted dildo was the right way to kill a vampire? I wonder what Bela Lugosi would have thought about that?

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