JESS FRANCO MONTH: Red Silk (1999)

Gina (Lina Romay) and Tina (Christie Levin, Broken Dolls) are female private eyes who go from smuggling artwork to a kidnap and murder case, all while just trying to make enough money that they can get out of the business.

Why yes, Jess Franco is making Two Undercover Angels again.

There’s a rich guy who chains his wife up and makes his own snuff films and hey, if he dies, he dies, and the girls get rich off him but then wreck their car and wake up and it’s all a dream, so then they tell you — the viewer — how to hire them.

This was one of the One Shot movies that Franco made and man, there’s a Geocities quality website for when this came out and this makes me like this movie way more than I did before I saw the site.

Some people decry the quality of this movie. As for me, it makes me think of how lucky Jess Franco was. He found not only a way to get his partner to make out with younger women while he watched, he was able to make money — well, never enough — from it.

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