Goodnight, God Bless (1987)

Also known as Lucifer, this movie has a killer that even the police start to realize may have an actual mission from Satan himself. He starts with a schoolyard massacre and then comes after the only survivor, Mandy, who is being protected by the police. It’s pretty shocking, to be perfectly honest, to see a priest stab a woman and then just open fire on a playground packed with small children. You don’t see that in many — any — slashers.

Sadly, this movie never gets better or stranger or remains as shockingly original as that first scene. The cop falls for Mandy’s mom, they go on a bird watching vacation and the priest just keeps killing people when he isn’t stalking our little child protagonist.

The killer priest is a great idea and so underused. So maybe instead of this one — spoiler warning — you could watch Seven Bloodstained OrchidsSilver BulletDon’t Torture a DucklingCity of the Living DeadTo the Devil a DaughterProm Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil and Happy Hell Night.

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