Beyond the Omega (2020)

If you want to get my attention, you make a movie in Italy and title it Beyond the Omega, just this close to a Joe D’Amato title, and I’ll spend hours of my life hunting your movie down online.

Also known as Il Tio Sepolcro…La Nostra Alcova (Your Sepulcher…Our Alcove, which also references another D’Amato title slightly, L’alcova), this is the tale of Aris (Lorenzo Lepori, who directed Catacomba and Flesh Contagium), whose bride-to-be Iris is murdered, an event that sends him on a death plunge that he may never escape.

The killer (Pio Bisanti) keeps on killing while Aris takes to the woods with a love doll named Persephone (Benedetta Rossi) who just so happens to be able to come to life. Of course, the more she’s alive, the more she looks like she’s dead and the more Aris seems to want her. Seeing as how he never got to make love to the virginal Iris, now he’s using that doll for everything he wanted his wife for. And perhaps more.

I mean, am I reading too much into the lead character’s name — Aristodemus — being so close to the real name of D’Amato, Aristide Massaccesi?

Director and writer Mattia De Pascali (McBetter) told the site Il Gabinetto Del Dott Trash (The Cabinet of Dr. Trash) “It was never my intention to make a remake of Buio Omega. D’Amato’s film inspired me to rework an old idea on a theme, that of the doll that comes to life, which has nothing to do with the 1979 classic. We treaded a bit in promoting Beyond The Omega as a tribute to Beyond The Darkness (aka Buio Omega) more to attract the attention of the public than for my real artistic need.”

This is one weird and quite frankly disturbing trip. Hail to Italy for remembering that it has roots in movies devoted to disturbing audiences!

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